Auto Power Suits Software

Still Headache with lost data and re-indexing problem? Not enough stock features in the market? Choose Auto Power Suite Software!


Change Part No Faster

Vendor and CustomerRMAs/ Claims

No need wait for half an hours to change part no one by one. Just need to change it and click save. Built in Cash Sales Return, Pending Return, Purchase Return and Customer Claim.

Support Up to 8 years Data

Powerful TB Control

Save data up to 8 years. No need to purge it. Built in Temporary Bill for the Cash Memo or Short Term customer.


Features Summary

  • Intelligent / Flexible search (QTR, or and condition, etc)
  • Ability to record and retrieve records by a variety of different alternate part numbers
  • Powerfull inventory search (support 3 millions++ items)
  • Full Keyboard Control with Windows Interface (Short Cut Key)
  • Quick PO / DO / TB / CS functions with email facilities
  • Flexible Item Description (DO / TB / CS)
  • Change Part No Faster
  • Intelligent DO / TB (Alert on Over due, Credit Limit, transaction history)
  • Auto  / Manual Invoice function
  • SO order via Web-Services (Salesman module)
  • Approval control for Below selling price item (DO / TB / CS / etc)
  • Powerful DO / TB Number Control
  • No Posting, No Data Purging, No Batch Process, No Year End
  • SQL Database
  • Support up to 8 years data
  • Support Wireless Network & Internet Environment
  • Built in RMA module (Handle Customer & Supplier Claim)
  • Include PDC Cheque module (able to key in PDC Cheque)
  • Stock Qty Level (On Hand/On Faulty/On Return /P.Order/Sales Order/Re-Order)
  • Purchase Order Basket (able to mark down Re-order Product)
  • Customise Grid Layout
  • Customise Main Screen
  • ​Able to import Master Data and Selling & Purchase History from old System