SEO Service Plan

Full Website Audit
Initial Keywords Mapping, Content Audit And Competitor Analysis. Website Tools Such As WordPress Yoast SEO Premium, Google Analytics And Hosting Web Stats Will Be Use On Monthly Reassessment To Determine Ongoing Efforts Are Fully Aligned With Business Strategy

Keywords Analysis And Audit
- Study, Analyze Existing And Get Keyword Ideas From Google Search Result, Keyword Research Tools
- Analyze The Statistic About Keyword. Such As The Trend Data And The CPC Of The Keyword
- Study The Difficulty Of The Keyword Using Tools To Help Optimize The Page Content And Related Terms

Monitor Your Trial Keywords Performance
- Meeting And Discuss About Web Statistic And Searching Result
- The Keyword Tracking Process Will Allow Help To Identify How Your Website Pages Are Ranking For Specific Search Terms

Multilingual SEO At Your Website - English / 中国語 / 日本語


Content Development
Content Development Is Researching, Producing And Publishing Information To Meet A Strategic Goal. Establishment Guidelines For The Creation And Repurposing Of Blog Posts, Articles, Infographics And Social Media

Google Ads New Campaign - Get More Calls
- Get More Website Sales Or Sign-Ups
- Get More Visits To your Physical Location


Online Brand Enhancement
Initial Creation Or Re-Study Existing Social Media Brand Pages Such As Facebook And Instagram. Establishment Of Quality Control Procedures On Messaging. Ongoing Identification Of And Application For Local Business Directory Listing

Social Media Link Building
- Integrating Your Website With Your Social Media Such As Facebook, YouTube And Instagram (If Any)
- Optimize Your Keyword And Content In Social Media Is Related To Your Website Include The Links And Hashtag


Off-Page Optimization
- Ongoing Broken Link Building, Influencer Identification And Outreach And Content Promotion
- Finding Broken Links, Recreating That Broken Content
- Influencer Marketing Involves Identifying Key Individuals Who Can Deliver Important Content To Your Target Audience
- Content Promotion Is Making Your Content More Visible, Create An Easily Share Content On Social Or Repurpose Content As Video. Post, Send, Share, Again And Again With Effective Content Promotion

Backlinks SEO
- Submit Your Link To Business Directories Or Link Wxchange
- Audit Your Website Backlink Result And Quality