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  • No Expired, Can Be Used Anytime, Anywhere
  • Can Used At CL GROUP Any Branch
  • Service Included Oil Change, Battery Servicing, Air Conditioning, Engine Tuning And Conversion
  • Service Models Proton, Perodua, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Audi, Mercedes, BMW And Other
  • Built-In 15 Different Currency Codes (RM, SGD, USD, EURO, NTP, YEN, HKD, RMB, UK POUND, PHP, Rs, A$, THD, NZD, Ks, ZAR)
  • Inputting By The Keyboard To Rapidity And Accuracy
  • LCD Display For Clearness Without Mistakes
  • Clear Embossed Figures And Special Ink Impossible To Alert Or Falsify
  • Number Of Checks Issued And Total Amount Can Be On Memory And Display
  • Same Amount Can Be Printed Out Repeatedly
  • Position For Typing On The Check Can Be Adjust
  • "Backspace" Key For Correcting Incorrectly Entered Figures
  • Can Be Used As Calculator And The Outcome Of Calculation Can Be Printed Out Immediately
  • Memory Store And Password Function
  • Different Check Mode And Currency Selecting By The Keyboard
  • 14 Digits LCD Display For Clearness And Accuracy
  • Scent Of Ripe Peaches And Exotic Fruits With Hints Of Fresh Oranges
  • The Potpourri Is A Nice Decoration In A Bowl Or Vase And Gives A Pleasant Fragrance To Your Home
  • May Be Combined With Sinnlig Candles In The Same Scent And Colour For A Coordinated Look But Keep Candles And Potpourri Separate Due To The Risk Of Fire
  • 100% Renewable Material
  • Dried Aromatic Plant Parts
  • Article No : 202.375.58
  • Automatic Tape Return With Lock
  • Length : 3 Meter
  • Made In China
  • A Small Battery Charger That's Easy To Take With You
  • Turns Off Automatically When The Batteries Are Fully Charged, Defective Or Too Hot
  • 2 Separate Charging Channels Make It Possible To Charge 1-2 Rechargeable Batteries At The Same Time And To Mix AA And AAA Batteries
  • This Battery Charger Has A USB Cable
  • Made Up Of Polycarbonate Plastic