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Late-In & Early Out filter options in Attendance Report Module

Filter by department option in report scheduler

Holiday description in Group Duty Roster when mouse over

Option to import holiday list from past year

Device Connection status on Alarm Event in System Settings Module

New search options in User module

More information on Roster list

Date selections for Attendance Sheet

Export Short Hour & Leave Type in UBS Payroll (Malaysia)

Added following new date selections for report scheduler

Enhancement on Add New Roster in Attendance Module

Enhanced report scheduler to display email settings

Enhanced show total wages, OT and etc by department in Gross Wages Report

Allow to schedule device synchronization through date & time

Display the last executed time for report scheduler

Show last auto executed time of database backup

Support anonymous SMTP access

Export Quick Book payroll to IIF Format (USA)



FingerTec Ingress Time Attendance Solution Software Download


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  • zinc metal
  • protect AdapTec Plus, rechargeable backup battery away from interruption.
  • zinc metal
  • protect Ingressus, switching power supply away from interruption.
  • 2,000 FP templates
  • 80,000 transaction logs
  • Comm: TCP/IP,USB disk
  • Verification:FP/PIN
  • Card: No * RFID/Mifare option upon request
  • 10pcs writable RFID cards for proximity door control access.
  • Widely used at home, school, office and other places.
  • Each card pre-programmed with a unique ID number,which is printed on the card.
  • Only can be read,can't be rewritten,or used to copy other RFID cards
  • Input: DC12V-1.5A
  • Output: DC7V~8:4V-1A
  • Charge Time: ≥ 3h
  • Discharge Time: 4h
  • Red LED: Charging
  • Green LED: Battery Full
  • 1900mAh Mini Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Input - 5V DC @2A
  • Output - 5V DC @ 0.8A
  • Charge Time - > 6 Hrs.
  • discharge Time - 4.0 Hrs.
  • Relative Humidity - 45% - 70%
  • To release door from inside via electromagnetic mechanism.
  • Designed with both Normally Close (NC) and Normally Open (NO) circuit.
  • Output: Normally Open/Common
  • Applications: Gate/Door/Exit/Automation Control 
  • Use magnetic power to lock the door and 280kgs (600lbs) holdingforce.
  • Built-in reverse current protection device (MOV).
  • Alluminum shell adopts high strength material. with hardanodised processing.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Good quality and durable to use.
  • Can be opened by push button and remote controller.
  • Fit for wooden door, metal door, glass door and fireproof door.
  • AdapTec-X is a perfect choice for an IN/OUT installation, where a door is controlled both at the entrance and the exit. 
  • A single AdapTec-X can support a maximum of 2 units of FingerTec terminals and 2 sets of door lock accessories such as the EM Lock and drop bolt in one single system installation.
  • High Performance RISC CPU 
  • It supports FingerTec encrypted 26-bit Wiegand communication output; providing enhanced security level for extra protection. 
  • 1500 face templates, 10,000 cards
  • 100,000 transaction logs
  • Comm:TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, USB disk
  • Verification:Face/Card/PIN
  • Card:Default RFID
  • 800 face templates
  • 10,000 card templates
  • 100,000 transaction logs
  • Comm: TCP/IP,USB Client
  • Verification: Face/Card/PIN
  • Card: Default RFID *Milfare Wifi option upon request
  • 10,000 FP templates
  • 200,000 transaction logs
  • Comm: TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, USB flashdisk,WiFi
  • Verification: FP/Card/PIN
  • Card: Default RFID
  • Manage Your Data Easily
  • Versatility Assured
  • Touch Keypad
  • Third Party Controller
  • Track Movement of Staff
  • Waterproof
  • Flexible Integration
  • Value for Money

• Combination of PIN and biometrics or ONLY biometrics verification to eliminate fraud

• Fast and precise verification with FingerTec OFIS Scanner

• Allow 1:1 and 1:N fingerprint verifications

• Unlimited user capacity for 1:1 fingerprint verifications; 1:N based on PC capacity

• Hassle-free fingerprint registration and verification

• Works well with dry, moist or rough fingerprints

  • 10,000 FP templates 10,000 cards
  • 200,000 transaction logs
  • Comm:TC/IP, RS232, RS485, USB disk
  • Verification:FP/Card/PIN
  • Card;Default RFID
  • Slave fingerprint reader
  • Does not store transactions
  • Compatible with :R2, AC900,
  • Q2i,Kiosk 100 Plus
  • Card:Default RFID
  • 3,000 FP templates
  • 120,000 transaction logs
  • Comm:TCP/IP,RS232, RS485, USB disk
  • Verification;FP/Card/PIN
  • Card:Default RFID
  • 8,000 FP templates
  • 200,000 transaction logs
  • Comm : TCP/IP, USB disk
  • Verification : FP/PIN
  • Card : No
  • Eliminate Buddy Punching
  • Cloud-Ready Technology
  • Small Yet Powerful
  • Data Management Simplified
  • Workcodes
  • Short Message Display
  • Card Choice
  • Color Multimedia Display
  • Durable Exterior
  • plug n play
  • easy data management
  • sturdy exterior
  • versatile and secure verification
  • 1000 FP templates
  • 50/000 transaction logs
  • Comm : WiFi, USB disk
  • Verification : FP/PIN
  • 1 touch a-second user recognition
  • Fingerprint reader with durable and highly accurate ZK optical sensor
  • Stores 3000 templates, 5,000 CARDS and 30,000 transactions
  • Reads Fingerprint and/or CARD
  • OPTIONAL integrated smart CARD reader
  • Request-to-exit and alarm contacts
  • Audio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingers