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  • 8 Fully programmable zones with End-of-line supervision
  • 2 Programmable partitions
  • 2 Programmable Phone number for CMS Reporting
  • 2 intelligent zones to minimize false alarm
  • Fully programme as : Entry/ Exit, internal, instant,24 hour, fire and silver zone
  • 9 Programmable user codes include master Password
  • 2 Arm Modes: Away & Home
  • Programmable zone sensitivity with 255 selectable levels
  • Programmable Entry delay and Exit delay from 0 to 255 secon
  • Excluding Wiring & Installation
  • Come with 6 month warranty
  • Break the glass, can be reset using a key
  • Releases Connected Electric Lock when pushed
  • Made of Durable Plastic Shell and Easy to Install
  • DC24V or AC220V powered, two wire connection
  • Suitable for Access Control Exit and Emergency Door
  • Offers reliable operation utilizing two-way wireless technology
  • Buttons: Arm, disarm, stay armed, panic alarm, alarm elimination
  • Communicates up to 300 m away (in open areas)
  • 868MHz RF Two-Way Wireless
  • Power By Battery
  • AES-128 Encryption
  • Alarm: Tamper Alarm, Intruder Alarm
  • Communication Distance: 800M (Open Area)
  • Communication Frequency: 433MHz
  • Function Of Preventing Wireless Data Conflict.
  • 3V Button Battery (2 Years)
  • Dual Reeds With Design
  • Pet Immunity Up To 24kg
  • Alarm: Tamper Alarm, Intruder Alarm
  • Two-Way Wireless Technology
  • Signal Strength Indicators (SSI)
  • Tamper Protection: Front, Rear and Bracket
  • Bluewave Technology
  • Digital Temperature Compensation
  • Automatic Sensitivity
  • Ceiling/Wall Bracket Include
  • Supports Dual Path Communication Of Alarm Events And Other Signals Over LAN, Wi-Fi, GPRS And 3G/4G Utilizing A Main And Backup Channel
  • Supports Up To 32 Wireless Inputs, 32 Wireless Outputs, 8 Keyfobs And 2 Sirens
  • IVaas (Intruder Verification As A Service) : Support Up To 2 Channel 7 Seconds Pre/Post Alarm Recording For Video Verification (Hikvision IP Camera/3rd Party IP Camera Support ONVIF)
  • Supports Viewing Event Video Via Mobile Client And Email
  • Supports Doorbell Function : The Detector Rings Like A Doorbell When It Is Triggered In Disarming Status
  • Voice Prompt For Configuration And Operation
  • Configuration Via Web Client, Mobile Client Or Client Software
  • Pushes Alarm Notification Via Messages, Phone Calls And Email
  • SIA-Contact ID Protocol Compatible
  • Long Distance Two-Way Communication (800m In Open Area)
  • AES-128-Bit Data Encryption
  • Supports LED Indicator To Indicates System Status
  • 4520 mAh Lithium Backup Battery, Supports Up To 12h Power Supply

HIKVISION DS-PWA32-K Wireless Alarm System Kit With 433MHz Wireless Control Panel Kits C/W Keyfob

  • Supports up to 32 wireless inputs, 4 wireless output expanders
  • Offers multiple communication methods: LAN + Wi-Fi
  • Up to 2-ch. on-board video verification
  • Offers reliable protection utilizing two-way wireless technology
  • Wireless connection reduces installation time
  • Communicates up to 800 m (in open areas)
  • Video intercom function
  • Audiovisual communication with the mobile app
  • HD video surveillance with ultra-wide angle
  • Self-adaptive IR supplement
  • One-touch calling
  • Noise suppression and echo cancellation
  • Motion detection
  • TF card storage and playback
  • Replaceable faceplate
  • Current : 50mA max
  • Sound Pressure : 90 ~ 100dB/2m (A)
  • Frequency : 2200 ~ 3300Hz
  • Intermittency : 70~100c/m
  • Made in Japan