RM1,888.00 RM
Autocount Account - Express Edition (Single User) USB Dongle - Free!!!Trend Micro Internet Security + 16GB Autocount Pendrive
Price RM1,888.00 RM
Brand Autocount
Size (L x W x H) 18 cm x 14 cm x 4 cm
Availability 1000
  • Everyone Can Do Accounting
  • Easy To Use Even For User Without Accounting Knowledge
  • Easy To Configure And Customize For Various Industries
  • 1 Year Maintenance Support (Online & Phone) Unlimited Company


Account Maintenance Yes
Cash Book Entry Yes
Journal Entry Yes
Opening Balance Maintenance Yes
Bank Reconciliation Yes
Stock Value Maintenance Yes
Budget Maintenance No
Fixed Asset Disposal Entry No
View Transaction Summary Yes
Multi-Dimensional Ledger Analysis No
Ledger Report Yes
Journal Of Transaction Report Yes
Bank Book Analysis No
Cash Flow Forecast Report No
Receipt And Payment Report No
Depreciation And Net Book Value Report No
Gain/Loss On Asset Disposal Report No
Cheque Listing Report No
Returned Cheque Listing Report No
Sales Agent Expenses Report No
Project/Department Project Margin Report No
Trial Balance Report Yes
Profit And Loss Statement Yes
Balance Sheet Statement Yes
Account Details Report Yes
Cash Flow Statement No
Transactional Profit And Loss Report No
Debtor Maintenance Yes
A/R Invoice Entry Yes
A/R Receive Payment Yes
A/R Debit Note Entry Yes
A/R Credit Note Entry Yes
A/R Refund Entry Yes
A/R And A/P Contra Entry Yes
A/R Deposit Entry No
Outstanding A/R Invoice Report Yes
Outstanding A/R Deposit Report No
Debtor Aging Report Yes
Debtor Aging By Agent Report No
Debtor Balance Report No
Debtor Statement Report Yes
Debtor Collection Report Yes
Debtor Collection By Agent Report No
A/R Monthly Sales And Collection Analysis Report Yes
A/R Analysis By Document Report No
Overdue Letter Report No
Commission By Collection Report No
A/R Credit Note Analysis Report No
A/R Debit Note Analysis Report No
Creditor Maintenance Yes
A/P Invoice Entry Yes
A/P Payment Yes
A/P Debit Note Entry Yes
A/P Credit Note Entry Yes
A/P Refund Entry Yes
A/P Deposit Entry No
Outstanding A/P Invoice Report Yes
Outstanding A/P Deposit Report No
Creditor Aging Report Yes
Creditor Aging By Agent Report No
Creditor Balance Report No
Creditor Statement Report Yes
A/P Monthly Purchase And Payment Analysis Report Yes
A/P Analysis By Document Report No
A/P Credit Note Analysis Report No
A/P Debit Note Analysis Report No
Stock Item Maintenance No
Item Opening Balance Maintenance No
Item Price Book Maintenance No
Item Price By Currency Maintenance No
Item Price By Location Maintenance No
Stock Group Maintenance No
Stock Item Type Maintenance No
Stock Location Maintenance No
Stock Adjustment No
Stock Issue No
Stock Receive No
Stock Write-Off No
Stock Update Cost No
Stock Card Report No
Stock Balance Report No
Stock Movement Report No
Stock Item Profit Margin Report No
Stock Status Report No
Reorder Advice Report No
Inventory Physical Worksheet No
Stock Aging Report No
Quotation No
Sales Order No
Delivery Order No
Invoice No
Cash Sale (With Mini-POS Style Option) No
Credit Note No
Debit Note No
Cancel Sales Order No
Delivery Return No
Monthly Sales Analysis Report No
Sales Analysis By Document Report No
Profit & Loss Of Document Report No
Top/Bottom Sales Ranking Report No
Price History Report No
Customer Price List Report No
Sales Agent Contribution Report No
Partial Transfer No

What In The Box

  • 1 x Autocount Account - Express Edition (Single User) USB Dongle
  • 1 x Free Trend Micro Internet Security
  • 1 x Free 16GB Autocount Pendrive

1 Year Warranty
Local Manufacturer Warranty


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What's in the box
  • 1 x Autocount Account - Express Edition (Single User) USB Dongle
  • 1 x Free Trend Micro Internet Security
  • 1 x Free 16GB Autocount Pendrive
Customer Reviews

original sony laptop, delivery was relatively quick. strong recommend to buy.

13 October 2021

safely received, no broken part even with bubble wrap around the item. thx for selling.

12 October 2021

商品和描述的一致。包装很好。 配合卖家提供的优惠价卷,价格变得更优惠。

9 October 2021

fast delivery, good services and prompt reply!

9 October 2021