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RM1,499.00 RM1,899.00
Price RM1,499.00 RM1,899.00
Brand FingerTec
Size (L x W x H) 24.5 cm x 9 cm x 22.5 cm
Availability 20
  • 8,000 FP templates
  • 200,000 transaction logs
  • Comm : TCP/IP, USB disk
  • Verification : FP/PIN
  • Card : No

The registration of user is very important before you can start using the machine. You can use fingerprint, password or RFID card enrollment in the reader. It is recommended to enroll two fingers per user, one for use and one for backup in case something happens to one of the fingers.

After you have enrolled the fingers, these fingerprint templates must be downloaded into the software, which can then be transferred to other readers without having to enroll the fingerprint templates again.

You are advised to use a form to assist you during enrollment. We have created a User Enrollment Template Form for you to use as a guide to input the data of the user. The form should contain relevant information such as Terminal ID, User ID, Employee Number, Staff Name, Department Name, IC Number, quantity of fingers enrolled, date of enrollment. The form also must have a note section to put a remark in case some problems occur to the user such as injured fingers or fingers which are difficult to enroll and etc.

The form can be customized as well to suit to your company’s requirements. During enrollment, please check the quality of the fingerprint. Find the center point location of the finger as the center point location varies in people. This center point has to be placed in the middle of the scanner during enrollment to get a good reading. You also have to make sure that the fingers are not too wet or too dry during enrollment.

For first time users of fingerprint reader, an admin must assist them during enrollment by holding their fingers firm, with the center point placed on the center of the scanner and light press to get a good reading.

To enroll, press the M/OK button, select user management and press the M/OK button. At the user management page, select New User. There are 2 categories of authorities, which refers to the normal user and super admin. This means that you can either enroll a user or enroll a super admin. A user is a normal user who uses fingerprint reader to clock in and clock out only, while an admin acts as a supervisor or a person in charge of the system.




fingertec- ta100c-03




fingertec- ta100c-04

Eliminate Buddy Punching
Card system doesn’t solve ‘buddy- punching’ problem where one employee can clock for another employee.

Eliminate ‘buddy- punching’ by using user’s fingerprint as identity.

fingertec- ta100c-05

Cloud-Ready Technology
TA100C comes with the latest PUSH technology, suitable for FCC data storage and convenient for TimeTec TA.

The technology eliminates the need for manual data download process.

fingertec- ta100c-06

Manage Data Easily
TCMS V3 is loaded with useful features complete with various reports for your business.

Its data integration to 3rd party software is made available through the readily available SDK.

fingertec- ta100c-07

Full Colour Screen
This model comes with a full colour TFT screen.

Display pictures corporate advertisements, screen savers and much more on the colour screen of the terminals.

fingertec- ta100c-08 Workcodes
Let your staff experience more independence by reporting their whereabouts via our workcodes feature.
fingertec- ta100c-09 Data Management Simplified
FingerTec TA100C is equipped with TCP/IP connectivity and when that is not available, a USB flash port can be used to transfer transaction logs into your computer.
fingertec- ta100c-010 Short Message Display
Alert your stuff by personalizing a short message to be displayed at the terminal when they verify.
fingertec- ta100c-011 Value for Money
This model was designed to be economical so that you are able to implement FingerTec solutions at an affordable cost.





Model TA100C TA100CR
Surface Finishing Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
Type Of Scanner Non coated optical scanner
Microprocessor  800 MHz
Memory 256MB flash memory & 128MB SDRAM
Algorithm BioBridge VX 9.0 / BioBridge VX 10.0
Push Technology Yes
Dimension (L X W X H) mm 190 x 52 x 140
Fingerprint templates 8000
Cards N/A
Transactions 200000
Enrollment & Verification
Methods Fingerprint (1:1, 1:N) & password Fingerprint (1:1, 1:N), card & password
Recommended Fingerprint per user ID 2
Fingerprint placement Any angle
Verification time (sec) < 1
FAR (%) < 0.0001
FRR (%) < 1
Card Technology
RFID : 64-bit, 125kHz, RF output power (EN300-330) N/A Yes
MIFARE : MFIS50/S70, 13.56MHz N/A Make to order
HID : HID 1325, 26-bit, 125kHz N/A Make to order
Method TCP/IP, USB disk (Optional RS232, RS485, WiFi & GPRS)
Baud rates 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200
Operating Environment
Temperature (°C) 0 ~ 45
Humidity (%) 20 ~ 80
Power input DC 5V 2A
Time Attendance
Siren Built-in and external
Work codes Yes
Voice Yes
Display 3.0” 65k color TFT screen
Short messaging Yes
Photo ID Yes
Voice / Display Language (Terminal) English (Standard), Arabic, Indonesian, Chinese (Simplified), Cantonese / Chinese (Traditional), Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese (Portugal), French, Russian, German, Turkish & Persian. Other languages are available upon request.
Software Language Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese.




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