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ELECOM DisplayPort Male to HDMI Female Cable Adapter 15CM AD-DPHBK
Price RM149.00 RM199.00
Brand Elecom
Size (L x W x H) 9 cm x 1 cm x 23 cm
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  • Model: AD-DPHBK
  • Length: 15 cm 
  • Color: Black
  • Product type:Connector / Terminator
  • Output: Type A female HDMI 19pin
  • Input / Output Connector Input: DisplayPort Male 20pin
  • Video and audio can be transmitted as digital.
  • This product is DisplayPort to HDMI adapter cable, suitable for graphics card with Displayport interface and TV, monitors, projectors and other display devices with HDMI interface.
  • This is a conversion adapter that enables you to connect the next-generation digital interface standard DisplayPort to the HDMI cable (type A - 19 pin).
  • you can enjoy high-quality digital audio and video by outputting digital video / audio of DisplayPort-equipped equipment such as PC to HDTV, projector etc. with HDMI connector. 
  • Video and audio can be transmitted as digital.
  • The HDMI connector part uses a gold-plated pin that strongly suppresses signal degradation to rust.
  • The cable section adopts a triple shielded cable that is not susceptible to external noise interference. 
  •  It is not possible to convert from HDMI output to DisplayPort.


​The new standard "DisplayPort" is
a new display interface standard formulated by the organization "VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association)" that standardizes various display related contents. The connector which is significantly smaller than the DisplayPort cable adopting the mainstream DV connector for digital connection of liquid crystal display and personal computer is adopted. This makes it possible not only to connect a thin liquid crystal display and a personal computer, but also to connect a thin type laptop computer to a liquid crystal display.


1,920 × 1,200 resolution supported

it corresponds to the display of 1,920 × 1,200 dot resolution (WUXGA).


Uses gold-plated pins to prevent rust, signal deterioration

The gold-plated pin which strongly suppresses the signal deterioration to the rust etc. is used for the terminal part.


3-fold shielded cable to prevent noise interference

A triple shielded cable which is not susceptible to external noise interference is adopted as the cable part.


Product type Connector / Terminator
Color black
cable length 0.15 m
Input / Output Connector Input:  DisplayPort Male 20pin
Output:  Type A female HDMI 19pin
Cable type Normal type 
adapter DisplayPort male - HDMI female
Shileding Method Three-fold shield
cable thickness 6.5 mm
Packing size (W x H x D) mm W 70 × H 210 × D 20 mm
Compatible models PC with DisplayPort terminal and monitor with HDMI terminal 
Packing weight 44g
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1 x ELECOM DisplayPort Male-HDMI Female Adapter Cable - 15CM

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